Saturday, August 7, 2010

Upcoming stuff

Wow, it doesn't feel like I haven't posted in 3 weeks. Could've sworn I did one more recently... oh well. Right now I'm procrastinating on this whole packing thing. I just wanted to check in and list some of the things I was to talk about so that I can do so when I have time at home this week.
1) I need to find the great websites that I lost when my work computer lost all of its links. I had a good one for old cigarette cases along with a good one of wine labels. I'll just do a search again.
2) Foliage tricks, fake dirt and Autograph.
3) Upholstery tips I picked up from watching our soft goods artisan.
4) Rub and Buff (have I talked about this?)and other paint tricks.
5) Why free font sites are my new favorite thing.
6) Acrylic paint- how I learned it isn't awful stuff.

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