Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Links

Okay, work computer was replaced and I lost all those links... I really just need to do searches for what I worked on earlier in the season and I'll have them back. I'll get around to that...eventually...

Anyway, I had a few sites that I've been meaning to share that I use a lot or have bookmarked on my personal computer for awhile.

1) BOOKMARK THIS! I have used this SO many times. It's great site to have on hand. I find myself using it less and less as I use larger ranges of materials more often. It gives the strongest bond, fastest bond, least toxic bond, etc. It will also warn you if certain types of adhesives will melt one of the two things you are gluing together. You can also click on links for each adhesive to get a review of the glue, along with toxicity rating, avg. cost, cure time, where to buy and links for places to buy online.

2) Lehman's: My dad recommended this to me once when I was complaining about how expensive hurricane lamps are at antique stores. I haven't really looked at it or used it yet, but I know that the Props Master at APT has used it this year. It is Amish goods, so you can get a lot of items suited for a good range of pre-20th century periods. It's worth taking a look at if you're working on a show of that time. Also, if you need hurricane lamps, you REALLY should buy them from here. It is way cheaper.

3) Ressler Importers: I learned of this handy source this summer due to the mass amounts of furniture we've needed. I haven't personally ordered from them, but I have some idea of how they work from overhearing orders being made. I think to get pricing you need to have the catalog, which you can request online. They are a little pricey from what I understand, but the nice thing is you can get every(?)style unfinished. So as long as you have time, tools, and experience to assemble the furniture, paint/stain, and upholster, it's a great alternative to rehashing something that already has paint and upholstery.

Okay, that's it for now. I have some tips and tricks I want to get down soon, so I'll try to add more later in the week.

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